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Bunch of Half-Baked Ideas

Hey, so I went to a hackathon on Friday without any ideas or a team, so I ended up spending a good 3 hours of my time just brainstorming ideas. I thought some were interesting, but they did began to degrade as sleep deprivation started creeping up on me. Hope it inspires something!

Half Baked Idea #3

Wouldn’t it be cool to know where all the girls are? I mean, when I’m on campus and I study homework, I always seem to be surrounded by guys. I would like to know where all the girls hang out. What if spotting girls is like bird watching? Like “hey I found a girl! Guys come over here and check it out.” And the guys flock over to check out the birds. Read More


Half-Baked Idea #2

I went to a Compass Fellowship workshop yesterday and our mentors told us to look for opportunities and discontent. “You should pay attention when people say ‘I hate it when…..’, it usually means that someone is dissatisfied with something and it usually elicits broader implications. Basically he/she isn’t the only one having the problem.”

Upon hearing this information, many of my peers have caught on to the notion and have been able to identify these remarks while I completely missed out. Damn it, why do I keep missing this? Being a CS student, I decided to solve that problem. Read More


Half-Baked Idea #1

I’m going to start a new series of blog posts called “Half Baked Ideas.” It’s a bunch of blog posts I write explaining random ideas I have during my day. They’re not fully thought out but they do have a “wouldn’t it be cool” essence to it. The ideas are up for grabs for anyone who wants to implement it or start their own company, I don’t demand any equity, but I would like an honorable mention if someone does decide to try one out. It would be very cool to see any one of my ideas come into fruition. Read More