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Enough Brainwashing. Choose a College.

Note: I’m speaking from a personal standpoint. You can choose to interpret this material however you want. This is not intended to be one of those articles pitting schools against each other and comparing which one comes out on top. Everything is my opinion and my observations. Which also means that I will be speaking for UC Berkeley, and most of my generalizations is only under the assumption of UC Berkeley. Also, you don’t have to read my story, after 3 pages in, I realized it may not be as relevant or excited to you as it is to me. Jump to the reflections part if this is too long of a read. Read More


James Maa’s Productivity Hacking Guide


So finals week is coming up, and everyone is looking for ways to be more productive in this time crunch. So I thought I could help people figure out how to make their lives more efficient and productive. People have seen my productivity hacks and they have told me I’m crazy, OCD, a workaholic, super asian, etc. I take those adjectives as a compliment and I become flattered because I never thought myself as quite that.

You see, I used to be a aimless and lazy chump. I got by day-by-day using my high school planner, writing due dates and just doing things the night before. I’m not quite sure how I spent my time or where it had gone, but it’s gone. I got by the bare-minimums. “Just do enough” was probably my life model. Read More