29 May, 2017

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It’s been awhile since I actively sought out social media. I’ve been privately journaling for a while since 2014. I didn’t like the person I was becoming by putting my entire life on public display. When I used to write about my day-to-day life, I realized I was doing more expositional reporting than I was reflecting on my experiences. Journaling helped me become more comfortable writing down more honest, and sometimes even negative thoughts and gave me space to reflect on them privately.

But now I want to publicly write again. Here are some reasons.

Education: I really enjoy writing long-form essays on things I learn, and writing about them helps me evaluate my experiences, solidify my understanding, and retain my knowledge better. The motivation to publish these lessons are several fold. First, publicly displaying your thoughts has its own expectations of quality. I am more inclined to communicate more clearly if I know there is an audience. Secondly, I’m more motivated to write to people who I can see benefit from my writing. I always write with the mindset of how I would teach pre-experience James. Thirdly, putting my writing on public display also means I can receive feedback and learn even more. I’m counting on the readers here to teach me, whether it is by providing commentary in the comments section, linking to related resources, or writing to me directly.


Advocacy: I wanted a place where I can shamelessly advocate for my ideas and hopefully scale my intentions. An example that I’m considering writing more about is effective altruism. If I can convince 10% of a top-10% income bracket person to donate 10% of their income a year, then I have effectively caused a $1330/year increase of donation revenue for effective charities. I think I can do better than that. After all, I myself have decided to donate a portion of my income after reading other people’s blog posts on effective altruism.


Community: I want to start thinking of my blog as a starting point to find other people who share similar values as me. My hope is that something on this site inspires you such that we can begin a conversation, or a relationship, or even a small community that helps each other grow.


My big caution is that I might write about some stuff related to my field of work, and that may alienate some of the readers here. I’ll try to remember to tag them with a “technology” tag or something so you won’t have to read them if you don’t want to. Some of these articles I’m not going to tailor to cater to non-technical readers, so feel free to skip or ignore those articles.

Stay tuned for more content!

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    Glad to see you back :)

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