14 June, 2013

Summer Hangout Proposal June 14 – June 20

Hello Friends!

Instead of posting multiple Facebook messages trying to cajole everyone to hang out with me, I’ve decided to write this post hoping people would want to hang out with me and possibly do some activities together. I have several activities listed that I will do participating, and you can hit me up if you want to join me :)

June 14

Frisbee (6:30pm -)

Come play frisbee with my high school friends and I. It’ll be fairly intense but we definitely allow newbies to join. I’ll intro you if you need one.

Cook & Eat Dinner (8pm – 10pm)

Come cook dinner with me! I’m currently going through the “4 Hour Chef” plan and am on lesson 4, which involved cooking crabcakes. The dinner’s supposedly for 4 people , but 2-3 people are fine to eat as well. If I don’t find one of the ingredients (which I wasn’t able to at my local Safeway), we might cook pasta instead.

June 15

Bike to Berkeley (All-day)

I always wanted to bike to SF, then onto SF bridge, to Berkeley. These aren’t made plans, but I’d be down if someone joins me. We would leave in the morning, bike to SF, eat lunch, bike to Berkeley, and stay there the night (we can stay at my rented house), and bike back to Palo Alto the next morning.

Summer Cleaning (Some of the day)

If the bike trip fails, I’ll be doing some summer cleaning. You’re welcome to join. There will be music and food we can eat. You can even have some free stuff I might throw away.

Open to anything

Let me know if you’re planning on doing something as well!


I’m still free lunch I believe. If you want to grab food hit me up.


Same with dinner, not at 7-8pm though.


June 16

Open to anything

I’m open to pretty much anything. No plans yet, if nothing happens, I’ll be hanging out around downtown, probably in one of the coffee shops to do work. Of course anyone’s allowed (and encouraged) to join me.

Open Lunch

Grocery Shopping (3 or 4pm)

Will be purchasing ingredients for my upcoming week. Companions welcomed. I’ll probably go to Safeway or the Milk Pail in San Antonio, or both.

June 17

Cooking & Eating (7 -9pm)

I’ll be cooking “Bittman Chinese Chicken With Bok Choy.” Guests welcomed! Sounds delicious actually.

June 19

Dinner in Mountain View (6:30- 7:30pm)

Open to getting food in Mountain View.

Swing Dancing Class (8:15pm -)

Come learn to swing dance with me in a beginner-friendly class. There will be a dance party afterwards. I think it’s $16 for a drop in class + party.

June 20

Cooking & Eating (7-9pm)

We’ll be making salads, eggocados, and experimenting with boiled eggs!

Nothing Works? Want to do something else?

Let me know if you still want to hang, I’ll see if I can move things around or set future plans :D I’m open to all sorts of activities! Coffees or meals are fine as well!

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