Monthly Archive: January 2013


Learning Log #1 — Week of 1/1

1. The Key to Being Good at a lot of Things is to be Humble

I realized this on New Years. I was reading Robert Greene’s book called “Mastery” and one of the kinds of people he cautions against are envious people. Then I thought about that thought for a bit. Then I realized I was an envious person. I tend to see my world in the form of have-not and tend to look upon higher beings with envy. I don’t think it’s healthy.

Every time someone is better than me at something, say math (from when I was back in 8th grade), I would actual make mental calculations of self-worth, and in order to protect my ego, I was weigh his have-nots as personal advantages. I would tell myself “even though he is better at math, I’m better at soccer or socializing.” Then I would look down at him while being envious of his seemly innate ability to do computations. Read More