10 November, 2012

Half-Baked Idea #2

I went to a Compass Fellowship workshop yesterday and our mentors told us to look for opportunities and discontent. “You should pay attention when people say ‘I hate it when…..’, it usually means that someone is dissatisfied with something and it usually elicits broader implications. Basically he/she isn’t the only one having the problem.”

Upon hearing this information, many of my peers have caught on to the notion and have been able to identify these remarks while I completely missed out. Damn it, why do I keep missing this? Being a CS student, I decided to solve that problem.

Half-Baked Idea #2

What if someone made a smartphone app that just listens all day and starts recording when it detects the words “I hate it….” . Then after 30 seconds or so of recording it goes back to its original state of just listening. That way by the end of the day you would have a bunch of snippets of business opportunities you can take on without intently listening to every word everyone says. Like fishing with a giant net.

This could have broader uses as well. Maybe the app could be used to detect gossip “OMG….”‘ or “Shit..” or anything really, that would be really cool because you would essentially have collected your own newsfeed by the end of the day.

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